Schemes of work and lesson plans

These schemes of work are based on the original Listen Imagine Compose action research projects.  Each scheme of work was created by a composer working with a teacher and one class of pupils.

In some projects, the sessions were longer than a typical lesson, so you may wish to deliver activities from one lesson over several school sessions.

Whilst each scheme of work examines a different research question, they all include ideas for composing at KS3 and KS4 including starting points, ideas for development, working as groups, making the transition from working in groups to working as individuals, relevant repertoire for additional listening.... they are a real treasure trove!

Each scheme of work comprises an overview document, a lesson plan for each lesson (usually 6 in total), evaluation questions for each lesson and (where available) additional resources and worksheets.  They have all been set out using the same format and their key aims and outcomes can be previewed.

You are welcome to adapt and amend the ideas to suit your own settings, and to use resource sheets as handouts.  Where documents are provided as Word documents, you may edit and adapt them for your own use.

It is possible to view and download documents individually or to download the whole scheme of work package as a zip file.