Session #5 of Teach Meet 2021 on Tuesday 25th May looks at creativity in composing

Composing creatively: Setting Limitations and Helping Students Realise their Intentions Tuesday 25th May, 4 – 6pm on Zoom In this fifth session of Teach Meet 2021 series, we’ll be looking at creativity in composing. How can we support students to realise their creative intentions? Can setting limitations help the creative process? And where is the … Continued

Learning Music Technology through technology; now and into the future…

Lockdown has rapidly reframed the way we are teaching and interacting with pupils. In this helpful blog for fellow teachers, AS Music Teacher and current Listen Imagine Compose masters student Nick Hughes outlines some practical tips for using music technology to manage remote learning, as well as suggestions for free software to get you started. … Continued

Alison Willis on the Listen Imagine Compose Away Day (2018)

When I was invited to the Listen, Imagine, Compose Away Day I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was a project to do with composing and education but very little beyond that. What I found was a structured and carefully thought out day of thought provoking presentations and discussions reflecting on how … Continued

29th June Away Day (Birmingham)

The Listen Imagine Compose annual Away Day in Birmingham this June brings together the partnership’s researchers, composers, teachers and arts organisations for a day of presentations, discussions and practical activities focusing on how composing is taught and learned in secondary schools.   The Away Day is an invaluable opportunity for secondary music teachers to explore … Continued

15th May West Midlands Teacher Network Event

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group is hosting the second Teacher Network Event for West Midlands music teachers wanting to explore and strengthen their approach to teaching composing. These informal events draw on the research generated by Listen Imagine Compose and offer teachers a chance to explore its findings, share personal experiences and to discover practical solutions … Continued