Links and references to other sources of information

This section includes references to academic papers, books and other publications that provide further reading on the themes of composing, creativity, action research and other Listen Imagine Compose-related themes.

There are also a number of links to other organisations doing similar and complementary work.

Sound and Music Summer School for young composers and creative musicians: Sound and Music runs an annual summer school for young composers aged 14 - 18 who enjoy composing and want to learn more. Applications are open January - March each year.

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group: Sequenza.  A series of resources exploring composing solo pieces for different instruments. Scheme of Work 5,  Expert Composers & Performers, draws on the Sequenza project.

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group: Exchanging Notes.  This is an exchange of ideas between composers and teachers designed to strengthen and investigate composing across the secondary music curriculum.

Musical Futures: An approach to teaching and learning music in secondary schools based on real world practices of popular and community musicians, making it relevant and engaging for kids.

Ears2: A free online resource by De Montfort University that introduce young people and their educators to the world of making music with sounds through Sounds software.
EARS 2 offers users the chance to learn about all aspects of electroacoustics, electronic or sound-based music, in an integrated, user friendly and enjoyable manner and the platform is full of ideas, tutorials and a free, downloadable tool for creating your own audio compositions.

Ear Opener: A resource for music students, teachers and independent music makers, Ear Opener uses simple, accessible explanations of the tools people who write music use everyday, with practical tips that composers of any level can put straight into practice.

Inspire Music: A resource for everyone involved in music education in any context to be inspired by, reflect on and be curious about what really works!