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We are delighted that Listen Imagine Compose is now full accredited.

Participants who join the course can chose whether to take a Diploma or MA in Teaching and Learning, or in Educational Leadership from Birmingham City University.  Otherwise participants can chose the do the course without accreditation.

This is a great step for the LIC team and a great asset to the music education sector.

The Listen Imagine Compose MA is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to reflect upon, and develop new thinking about, the teaching and learning of composing in their schools.  Using materials developed by composers, teachers and researchers working together on the original Listen Imagine Compose action research project and led by academic experts in pedagogy with sessions from professional composers and musicians, the MA, through a mix of practical and theoretical sessions, offers a collaborative and supportive space for teachers to develop themselves professionally and to respond to their individual contexts and needs. BCMG is a proud to be a partner in this project.

Nancy Evans, Director of Learning and Participation, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Find out more about how the accreditation works here>>